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"I’ve been taking Pilates with Bernadette for just under a year and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was diagnosed with MS more than 20 years ago and have since struggled with a decreasing lack of strength and balance on my left side. To my delight, I am finding that I am getting stronger every week. My confidence in doing everyday tasks has significantly increased. I have become much more in-tune with my body. I have never really focussed on exercise with my limited mobility, however I now look forward to each session and am really proud of my accomplishments. The one-on-one sessions are perfect for me as Bernadette will adjust the movements based on my ability until I’m able to accomplish the full move. I’m really loving it!"
— Leah Carson, Mother and Business Owner,

"I've struggled with back issues for years and recently had major surgery. I started Pilates with Bernadette as part of my rehab and now wish I would have started sooner. My core and back are feeling strong and my flexibility is improving. Bernadette adapted the program to fit my strengths and limitations which helped me progress. She is extremely positive and motivating and every session is different and challenging. I would highly recommend Bernadette to anyone looking to take care of their body through Pilates."
— Jason Rachele - Mechanical Engineer and a first time dad from Ajax

"My 11 year old daughter, Lola, wants to be a professional ballerina. Her instructor suggested that Lola try Pilates to strengthen her core while elongating her muscles. Many professional dancers that I've researched condition with Pilates to prevent injuries. Lola enjoys the results of working with Bernadette. Bernadette enthusiastically introduced the movements and related them to dance so that Lola understood their benefits. Lola's confidence has increased since she started Pilates training. I highly recommend Pilates by Bernadette for dancer conditioning."
— Trina Chiarelli - full time mother from Pickering

"I turned to pilates last year when I felt that I needed to increase strength, flexibility, balance and improve my core and back. Improvement in strength and balance was also something I needed in my legs because I had undergone knee replacement surgery in both knees. Strength in the legs is very important after knee replacement surgery to allow the new joints to function at their best and as well, my balance had been affected significantly after surgery. I am able to do most of the exercises introduced into my pilates workouts with very few modifications which is actually astounding.

Consequently, I now feel stronger, taller and my balance, leg strength and core endurance has improved dramatically in just a few months. I absolutely love my workouts there and look forward to each and every session.

Pilates by Bernadette is an excellent pilates studio with first class instructors, an excellent environment and incredibly efficient workouts. Each exercise is perfectly cued by Bernadette and her staff so that they are easy to follow but superb and effective."
— Aileen Dockerty - Wedding Officiant, Contemporary Celebrants Durham Region

"I love Pilates because I have found that it has made me mobile. When I started I could hardly move my shoulders and walk due to Tendinopathy. Now, I am walking better, my shoulders regained their mobility without pain and I feel that my posture and core have been strengthened."
— Terry Ierullo, Mother of two; Grand Mother to 4; Retired Banker

"I’m a true believer that the natural wellbeing of the human body stems from caring for your body and for your mind. The Pilates sessions with Bernadette went over and beyond the nurturing of the human body. They nurtured my soul. She is truly devoted to you as a person and friend. Her knowledge of the instruments she uses in her sessions and the capability of the body in shape and form optimizes on the results you see. Her attention to detail and precision makes you reach levels you never thought capable. She has taught me to breathe again, and has improved my life in so many ways. She is well versed on individualizing programs for different needs and goals and will help improve the wellbeing of anyone who allows her in to their lives. I could not recommend a better trainer, teacher or friend to anyone who welcomes Pilates into their lives. Well done!"
— Silvi Pica from Markham


"I love it here at Pilates by Bernadette because I find the work out more challenging and I feel that my core is stronger. I recommend it to my patients always"
— Dr. Tanya Slapnicar, Mother of two; Chiropractor & Owner of Ajax Chiropractor & Wellness Clinic –

"Before pilates my body felt heavy and dead inside. Since I started pilates with Bernadette, I feel alive and new. Like I have breath in every muscle and organ. It's honestly amazing!"
— Kim Clarke, mother of 4 children, age range from 12-23 years old

"As a physiotherapist, I appreciate the invaluable impact that Pilates has made to my client's lives. However, it was not until I sustained my own injuries, that I realized the impact that it would have on my own life.

After months of suffering from pain from a hip injury, and not being able to participate in the activities I enjoy, I decided to try Pilates again, after years of being involved in other types of sports. Pilates has increased my flexibiity, augmented my joint function, improved my overall strength, and as a result, has allowed me to return to the activiites that I love. Bernadette has been instrumental in my recovery, as she is both inspiring and positive, and designs programs that accomodate my abilitites. Thank you Bernadette for renewing my love of Pilates!"

— Saloni Malhotra, Physiotherapist at Lakeridge Health Whitby

"I would highly recommend anyone who is interested in obtaining a stronger, more flexible body, but is wary of sustaining injury in the process, to attend pilates classes at Pilates by Bernadette. Each session is fresh, fun and with the right amount of challenge to maintain forward progress. Bernadette's careful attention to body alignment and correct movement help to prevent injury and ensure that the workout is highly effective. Her positive encouragement and light hearted spirit help to make the session fun and rewarding. Definitely more enjoyable than the repetitive workout routines at the local fitness gym."
— Liz Smith, Independent Sales Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics

"I love pilates because it makes me sleep well, strengthens my core and good posture."
— Peggy Brooks, Mother of one; No Frills Owner.

"I started pilates because my doctor recommended that I needed to strengthen my core as I was having severe back problems. I was an avid golfer and had to stop playing due to back pain. My wife and daughters who see Bernadette on a regular basis and love her suggested I start pilates and Bernadette being such a fun instructor made it easy to make time for it. I am now able to enjoy both life and golf without back pain. Thanks Bernadette!!"
— Gord Petrie: Father of 3 and Grandfather of 1: Business Owner of Petrie Group:

“Bernadette is an incredible Pilates instructor who motivates me with her energy, warmth and humour. Whether taking private or group lessons, I always have tons of fun while working hard. Best of all, my body is noticeably stronger and leaner. I love that I can achieve great results without feeling like exercising is a chore. I highly recommend Pilates by Bernadette for anyone”
— Dr. Merry C Lin, Mother of two, works at LifeCare Centres-

" I love pilates because it has certainly made me feel stronger and helps my Spinal Stenosis. I truly enjoy my time with Bernadette"
— Donna Shipman: Mother of one; Retired and full time housewife.

"I got into pilates because my wife wanted me to get into better shape. She had done pilates for years and swears that it was the best form of exercise since it strengthens core. I play some hockey but in general hate to do weights or any other form of exercise so I went into pilates with my guard up, but found after a few sessions with Bernadette that I was enjoying the workouts. Bernadette works you hard, but she is a lot of fun and illustrates all the exercises. I am feeling stronger both physically and mentally since I started and am enjoying the workouts more since my core is getting stronger and Bernadette is laughing at me less and less every class. Bernadette is a hoot and I would recommend her class to anyone."
— Guy Vigliatore - Father of 3, General Manager of Scarborough Subaru, Suzuki, Kia and Rouge Valley Mitsubishi.

"Bernadette is an amazing pilates instructor who always makes working out fun! She is a bundle of energy and a joy to be around. My sister and I did semi-private classes together and loved them. We would highly recommend Bernadette and her studio to anyone interested in pilates."
— Dr. Natalie McCulloch H.BKin, ND and Dr. Nicole Sandilands H.BKin, ND of Durham Natural Health Centre,

"Being my first pregnancy I was nervous for the labour part of things, my instructor Bernadette continued to assure me Pilates would assist in a shorter and "easier" labour. My daughter was born in 20 minutes. The nurses said they had never seen a 'first labour' go by so quickly! I have no doubt it was because of my continued practice in Pilates and the support from my wonderful instructor."
— Rachel Petrie Morgan, Miracle Salesperson Re/max Realty Enterprises Inc., Brokerage

"Finally found a workout that I look forward to and have seen results! Not hard to keep a New Year's resolution to keep fit when you have Bernadette encouraging you to try new things. Never the same workout, never boring, always effective! Private or group classes are great!"
— Melanie Warren from Ajax, Business Owner of Warren's Printing Place

"Amazing class, Amazing teacher & Amazing results. Pilates the best workout ever, fun and always different."
— Roger Evenden: Father and Business Owner of Centro Design & Print

"I absolutely love Pilates! I look forward to going to every class. Bernadette is an amazing instructor. She is a ball of energy to always make the classes both challenging and fun. I trust Bernadette and respect her knowledge and expertise. I feel my body is stronger, leaner and more balanced since I have started Pilates with Bernadette. Everyone needs to feel this good. Just try Pilates with Bernadette!"
— Michelle Ready, Mother of two, Teacher from Pickering

"I enjoy pilates and the way it makes me feel. I know that with every lesson my body is getting stronger, more flexible, and more capable. But sometimes I do not really feel like working out - sometimes the thought of ab preps and short spines and hundreds makes me want to curl up in bed.

That is where Bernadette comes in. I know that with every lesson, even if I am not looking forward to the hard work, I can look forward to the laughter and encouragement she brings every day. By the end of the hour, I know I am guaranteed to have challenged myself and accomplished something new. That is why I love Pilates by Bernadette."
— Samantha Arnts of www.

"I started pilates because of my mother, and my worsening posture...I love the strength I'm gaining, even though I want to scream every time Bernadette tells me to do hundreds! Pilates makes me feel great and is way more stimulating than hauling my butt to the gym, and Bernadette always makes it fun."
— Lindsay Arnts, University student

"Bernadette is a huge inspiration to me and motivates me to do more than anyone else has ever. I trust Bernadette because of her advanced Pilates knowledge and experience. She makes me laugh and pulls that extra little bit out of me that I did not think I had. I truly look forward to seeing her, feeling better about myself and working out!"
— Michelle House from Brooklyn, Whitby



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